Fifteen years ago as I was finishing my first book introducing the So what? Who cares? why you? methodology, I was fortunate to meet Tech Fort Worth.  They were launching a new entrepreneurial incubator in Fort Worth, Texas and we became fast friends and partners, developing entrepreneurial programs for their founders and entrepreneurs.  I learned a lot from them in the early days – as we all know, there’s nothing more valuable than lead customer who can help you shape and mold your product in the early days, and Tech Fort Worth was that and more for WKI.  I watched as they implemented our methodology and ideation program with what have now become some of the most impressive startup success stories of the last decade – Encore Vision acquired by Novartis in 2016 for a reported $465M and ZSPharma who were sold to AstraZeneca in 2015 for approximately $2.7B.

TECHFW delivers the WKI methodology inside its ThinkLab program and has continually inspired and delivered countless startup success stories over the past 15 years.  Hayden Blackburn, Managing Director, is constantly imagining and delivering new programs and entrepreneurial support resources for the founders and community at large.  Their latest announcement here is just one in a long line of high impact programs they offer. We are proud to be the “intel inside” for the ThinkLab program and grateful to have such a high impact success story to share with our WKI Certified Coach community.