New ideas and innovations hold great potential to impact our world. But at the early stages, when ideas are “on the napkin”, these ideas are simply that – ideas, and the people with these ideas focus on the technical merits of their idea versus the impact it can make. For a new idea to turn into an opportunity, its value needs to be explored and communicated in a value proposition.

That's where we come in...

At WKI, we give people the ability to discover the value of their ideas and unlock their full potential.  For more than a decade, our So what? who cares? why you?® methodology has been helping to bridge the gap in understanding between innovators with new ideas and people who are looking to support those ideas. And it’s working! Using our methodology, organizations world-wide are increasing their success rate for new products, processes, startups and more.

What's different about us?

What's different about us?

WKI is different because we understand innovators.

We’ve spent our careers with engineers and scientists helping them discover, define, and describe the business value of their ideas. Our So what? who cares? why you? methodology is built from decades in the trenches working alongside innovators to help them turn their ideas into opportunities. We’ve translated this experience into an engaging, proven methodology for organizations to use to  achieve their own success.

And the results speak for themselves!
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What we believe ...

What we believe ...

“We strongly believe that discovering the business value of new ideas starts with innovators, and that equipping and empowering innovators to do so begins at the discovery stage.

From my first book to support innovators and entrepreneurs in 2005 to our global growth and collaboration with leading customers today, one thing has held true. Ideas, like seeds, need to be cultivated if they are to grow – and the best person to cultivate an idea at the early stages is the founder of that idea. These “idea founders” need to be armed with a disciplined, structured methodology that aligns with the way they approach their research and scientific work.

We hope you will join us in our quest to increase the odds of success for more great ideas.”

— Wendy Kennedy, Founder

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