Wendy Kennedy is recognized internationally as the author and architect of the popular So what? who cares? why you?® ideation and business design methodology. Since 2005, this methodology has been inspiring innovators and entrepreneurs to design their innovations into compelling business propositions. It has proven to be a powerful process to prepare STEM entrepreneurs, bench scientists, clinicians, technologists, and other innovators to master business fundamentals and build a foundation for investor readiness.  The WKI methodology has been adopted by business development centers, research labs, innovation centers, universities and private corporations in more than 25+ countries.


Since 2005, the WKI methodology has been inspiring innovators and entrepreneurs to design their innovations into compelling business propositions.

As President of WKI ( wendykennedy.com Inc.), Wendy and her team advise, train and certify organizations to use the WKI ideation method to advance their innovation, commercialization and entrepreneurship agendas. Today, the WKI methodology and design frameworks have provided a platform to inspire, ideate and innovate in organizations including: The European Space Agency, Dundalk Institute (Ireland), Penn State University, Scottish Enterprise, the University of Texas, UF Innovate and Sid Martin Biotech, Air Force Research Laboratories, and many more. Today, the WKI methodology is credited with helping to put ideas on the payload of a spacecraft, restore 20:20 vision, bring groundbreaking therapeutics and diagnostics to reality, and even launch new and delicious food products nationally.

Prior to founding WKI, Wendy was a member of the founding teams in six technology startups, all of which were inspired by founders with an idea on a napkin.  She has special expertise in launching new technology innovations to market, gained from her experience launching one of the first personal computers in the early 1980’s.  She has also launched early stage ideas including one of the first electronic banking services, an early innovation for wireless internet in motion, and several enterprise software solutions.  She also spent time as a teaching professor, where she created and launched an innovative program for corporate engineers, scientists, and technology entrepreneurs to master the business fundamentals to present their ideas to business units and other stakeholders.

Wendy holds a master’s degree in business administration from Queen’s University and is a recipient of the Dr. Laurent Isabelle Award for innovation and excellence in education. Wendy is a founding member of the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance, Women in Technology Forum, focused on mentorship development programs for women entrepreneurs in Canada.

Wendy lives in Ottawa, Canada with her family.