Here’s what our customers say…

In just a few ideation cohorts, we have witnessed significant engagement and promising outcomes with 7 SBIR/STTR submissions, 28 SBIR/STTR proposals currently in process, and the formation or initiation of 3 startups. Moreover, Innov8, our WKI ideation program, has maintained a 100% retention rate, demonstrating its effectiveness in guiding our medical innovators to explore the business value of their ideas.

— Robert Johnson Business Advisor, SBDC/UH Innovation Center

WKI has been instrumental in guiding our innovators at the University of Houston to explore the business value of their ideas.

In just a few ideation cohorts, we have witnessed tremendous impacts on venture creation and SBIR grant exploration for commercialization of technology. The program has helped in improving our key KPIs but more than that, it has helped us ignite a positive culture change in our ecosystem with regards to innovation and entrepreneurship. “

— Tanu Chatterji, PhD. Associate Director of Startup Development Adjunct Faculty, Bauer College of Business Division of Energy and Innovation University of Houston Technology Bridge

The Entrepreneurs Center, headquartered in Dayton, Ohio has utilized the WKI methodology as a foundational element of our Small Business Innovative Research Technology Acceleration Project (SBIR TAP) since its inception in 2017. In the 2017-2022 period, more than 350 companies have gone through SBIR TAP. Following the program, those companies have been awarded more than $1.5B in follow-on federal research contracts and have generated more than $1.3B in third party venture capital investments. The SBIR TAP program is intended to unlock the business opportunities associated with early-stage technologies and WKI is a critical element in that effort.”

— Scott Koorndyk, President - TEC Dayton

During my time at First Flight Venture Center, we used the WKI methodology for about eight cohorts of 6-9 people and it is a FANTASTIC toolbox. To see companies from start to finish of the program is a really neat experience. Looking forward to using it with this new program at the University of North Carolina – Wilmington.”

— Lydia (Bjorklund) Thomas | Program Manager, University of North Carolina - Wilmington

Just completed our latest Business Builder Bootcamp based upon the WKI Ideation methodology.  It is inspiring to witness the diversity and creativity within our cohort! Through presentations, collaboration, storytelling, and reflection, founders are guided to turn their ideas into reality.  I thought facilitating the program solo would be nerve-wracking, but the amazing cohort and the power of the WKI Methodology made the experience truly remarkable.”

— Oriana Cordido, Business Startup Specialist, IGNITE Fredericton

WKI Method is a powerful Ideation tool for STEM startup business ideas that we use to empower THRIVE women to find the business value in their STEM idea. The WKI process  provides founders with an excellent framework for a robust pitch for funding or support and empowers them to deliver that pitch with confidence.”

— Lavina McGahon, Thrive Programme Manager, Dundalk Ireland

Wendy, I just wanted to thank you for the excellent WKI training in Indianapolis! It has provided me with a solid foundation to implement within my organization. The tools are rich and very practical for insight generation and determining next steps within a fast paced business setting. In fact, I believe the “gold” in the WKI program for me was the tools themselves, they holistically funnel creative ideas into real world application. It’s all about making real impact as an innovation professional.”

— Peter H. – Chicago, Illinois

First Flight Venture Center (RTP, NC) has leveraged the WKI methodology extensively for our Propeller Pre-Accelerator Program. Since launching in 2021, we have served 32 companies in 6 cohorts. The growth of the companies in this short time period is phenomenal. The platform lends itself to in person, hybrid or virtual cohorts, which is critical in these constantly changing times.

— Emil Runge, Program Director, First Flight Venture Center

WKI has been a steppingstone for moving business ideas and concepts into action for our student entrepreneurs. The methodology is practical and efficient and is a key part of our incubator programming. It is highly recommended by our companies, staff, and our in-house mentors.”

— Shannon Pastizzo, Program Director, USF CONNECT, University of South Florida

The Entrepreneur’s Center (EC) has used the WKI methodology to bring entrepreneurs to the table – literally. It is the foundation for our interactive workshop based training programs, helping hundreds of entrepreneurs and small businesses tease out the business value of their technologies, while pushing them to think entrepreneurially. The process is perfect for the researchers and SBIR-program focused entrepreneurs we work with.”

— Lauren Tiffan, Director of Strategic Programs, The Entrepreneur's Center

WKI is the first step in UF Health’s Ideation Program. It provides the foundation and guidance for our innovators to design an idea achievable and ready business model for validation and potential commercialization. UF Health values the program and the ongoing coaching by Wendy immensely.”

— Tina Bottini, Senior Associate Dean for Research, University of Florida College of Medicine

The So what? who cares? why you? process is the most important tool we have to translate technology into business value. It is an indispensable element of what we do and who we are as an organization. We use it to assess portfolio technologies, strengthen the value proposition for client companies, and coach our clients and partners through the commercialization process. No other process gives us the foundation to identify and assess the business potential inside an early stage technology.”

— Scott Koorndyk, President, TEC Dayton

We are fortunate to have the So What? Who Cares? Why You? curriculum to help us better educate and prepare our principle investigators for early discussions on the business aspects of their IP. This platform is incredibly effective with engineers, doctors and scientists, giving them frameworks to consider things like: the best problems to solve, markets to pursue and competitive edge to exploit.. With 154,000 square feet of business incubator space, the WKI method is instrumental in helping us to build, grow and support entrepreneurship here in Gainesville.”

— Mark Long, M.S. (retired)- Director, UF Innovate | Incubation Services - University of Florida

The So what? who cares? why you? methodology is a cornerstone of what we’ve accomplished at the Purdue Foundry. Without question, we would not be celebrating this progress had it not been for the foundation upon which these innovators began their journey: the So what? who cares? why you? methodology.”

— John M. Hanak, J.D. former Managing Director Purdue Ventures

WKI’s So what, who cares, why you design frameworks are an ideal fit for our organization. We use it as our primary approach to Entrepreneurship and Career Counselling as they help our clients to fully explore their passions, dreams, and new ideas to their full potential while also helping them find their business value and market opportunities within high growth sectors in Atlantic Canada. Working with early stage entrepreneurs and people in transition, the WKI Entrepreneurial Ideation method helps our clients to expand their vision for their new business idea or career opportunity, while also helping them to see their full potential within themselves.”

— Nancy Beth Guptill, Founder of Sweet Spot Academy & Dream Launch Grow

The WKI methodology just makes sense. Not only for the client but also for the coach. The tools and resources provided are everything you need to have impactful and productive conversations centered around helping an entrepreneur figure out what opportunities await their company. We are excited about the added WKI Online and the increased opportunity it will provide us while working with our clients!”

— Brian Enevoldsen, Program Manager, WT Enterprise Center

As the Director and Adviser for an SBDC, I found the WKI Certify training provided us with a new set of tools to assist entrepreneurs and innovators. The methodology and frameworks fill in gaps for us in providing a pathway for creating a successful go-to-market strategy.”

— Karl Klein, Regional Director, Kansas SBDC - Washburn University

I highly recommend the Wendy Kennedy Method. I was turned away by a local small business group, as “not ready”, and felt insulted, but they were ABSOLUTELY correct. I started working the WKI Method with a local advisor from the SBDC, and learned SO much. I have done my first few investment pitches, and have the most promising one lined up for this coming Monday. Never would have gotten this far without going through the process.”

— Bill E., Entrepreneur & Business Builder

Participants often share with us the powerful impact of using the WKI Toolset. Through the structured program and interactions, they learn about the uniqueness of their idea, its hidden potential and find adjacent market opportunities. Additionally, by growing their self-confidence and leaning into personal self-discovery, participants embark on their own entrepreneurial story – smarter, inspired and more engaged.”

— Karl LaPan, Director, UF Innovate - The Hub

So what? who cares? why you? is a pilgrimage for those who have ideas to change the world. It will help you contemplate your ideas and project concepts by identifying the facts, myths and critical assumptions. It is a great companion for those who yearn to create and contribute.”

— Dan Leri, Director, Innovation Park at Pennsylvania State University

From 2012 to 2022, our incubator completely relied on the WKI program as our ‘new client funnel’ for all prospective clients. This program does a great job of answering the big questions any aspiring entrepreneur needs to answer. In addition, it helps our incubator guage whether the client is prepared, willing to go the distance, and most importantly: is coachable.”

— Jason Mack, VP Business Development, MTEC SmartZone

The WKI Program is a game changer for our commercialization program. Tremendous value! Thank you.”

— David Terry, West Texas A&M University Enterprise Center

The WKI Program is exceeding our expectations as providers. The feedback from our participants has been overwhelmingly positive and people are already asking if we are running it again. I am looking forward to holding many future successful programs.”

— Kathy Sohar, PhD Director Women’s Collaboratory for Innovators UF Innovate, University of Florida

So what? who cares? why you?®’ provided my global team of technology oriented scientific staff with a methodology to define and articulate a business value proposition to support their applications for funding from a large investment pool. The transformation in thinking that occurred was significant and as a result, many, many, better investment decisions were made.”

— David Mann, Former SVP Emerging Business Technology Investments, Nortel Networks

So what? who cares? why you? works with our standard process to assess ideas with commercial potential. It provides a platform for our staff to have high value discussions about the commercial value of projects submitted to us for co-funding consideration.”

— Michele Le Saux, TEC-ETG, European Space Agency

So what? who cares? why you? is a central component to our innovation process. We use the methodology and book to guide our healthcare innovators to develop the value proposition of their ideas and then communicate that value to stakeholders.”

— Pete Turner, VP Innovation, Community Health Network

So what? who cares? why you? matches the way we think about commercialization and entrepreneurship. Using it, we are able to engage innovators in different types of conversations about the value of their ideas – and prepare them to describe that value to investors and partners.”

— Darlene Boudreaux, Executive Director, TECH Fort Worth

The WKI Certify Coaching refresher provides an excellent opportunity to reinforce knowledge acquired from previous trainings to advance our company’s goal to provide an innovation culture for Smart Cities. The updated methodology and frameworks open doors to giving even more prudent guidance to founders. The design tools and approach provide excellent tools for decision making for anyone’s value proposition.”

— Larry Jenkins, CIO, Nouveau Innovation Alliance LLC