Here at WKI we are lucky to spend our days in the world of new science and technology innovations — renewable energies, medical devices, AI, and the like.  I enjoy seeing our design frameworks help new and often novel approaches find their way to market to make an impact on people’s lives.

But I’m also a foodie …. and so, you can imagine my delight to see products like Jank BBQ sauce come to life through the WKI toolsets. Recently Steve Ahlenius, President of the Chamber of Commerce in McAllen, Texas and WKI Certified site, shared this video showcasing the success of Jank founder, Lamar Jones.

Jank’s is quickly becoming a national brand with a line of dry rubs and sauces in 250 H-E-B stores and recently launched in Mexico.   Lamar has amassed a following of devoted BBQ lovers including the support of the Pittsburgh Steelers!  It’s an inspiring story for anyone with a dream of turning their passion into a business.

Here is the story of Elizabeth Davis, founder of Nuts & Cows. A divorced mom with two children, she started making her nut butters and selling them at local farmer’s markets as a way to make money.  Today the Nuts and Cows brand is in 110 stores and recently launched in H-E-B grocery stores.

The McAllen Chamber is a hotbed for these success stories.  Across the South Texas region, entrepreneurs of all types – food trucks, nut butters, BBQ, and artists, are getting their start with Steve and his team there to support them all the way.  It’s inspiring to see these entrepreneurs living their dreams.

You can learn more about the McAllen Chamber here: