In this episode, Wendy talks with Pete Turner, Vice President of Innovation at Indianapolis based Community Health Network about building an innovation hub in healthcare – the story of Community Launchpad.  Listen in as Pete describes how the concept of Community Launchpad got ignition inside a 16,000 person healthcare system and the vision, strategies, and lessons learned to create one of the nation’s foremost healthcare innovation companies.

You can pick up on these topics at these points in the conversation:

Start:  How the idea for Community LaunchPad got ignition

7:00 – What NASCAR and Healthcare have in common

10:30 – How ” Customers with Problems” Drive Strategy at Community LaunchPad

16:00 – Actioning Ideas through Innovation Constellations

27:30 – Why Technology is NOT  the Strategy

39:00 – The Value of Partnerships like  Cisco “CHILL”

48:00 – What’s Next for Community LaunchPad

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