#1: In Conversation with Darlene Boudreaux – Lessons from a Life Science Entrepreneur & Advisor

#1: In Conversation with Darlene Boudreaux – Lessons from a Life Science Entrepreneur & Advisor

Darlene Boudreaux is known as a trailblazer who helped build a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in Fort Worth, Texas. In this interview, we talk about the classic mistakes many startup entrepreneurs make when they are starting out, why the first $1M in revenue is so critical, and things communities can do to support the build-out of life science startups.

You can pick up on these topics at these points in the conversation:

Start – the rhythm of life science startups

7:40 – coaching entrepreneurs to get to the first $1M in revenue

13:00 – learning from the success of ZS Pharma and Encore Vision

20:00 – the founding of CoTown Angels

24:00 – the role of the Impact Awards to celebrate Founders

30:00 – lessons she’s learned coaching 100+ startups

42:00 – Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

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The Entrepreneurial Podcast showcases high energy, positive, entrepreneurial thinkers and doers. On the show, host Wendy Kennedy, looks for unique and unusual stories of entrepreneurial success – people doing inspiring and amazing things to ignite entrepreneurs, innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. Each interview unpacks tools, tips and lessons learned mixed with laughter, fun, and casual, coffee bar conversations. Wendy is recognized internationally for her entrepreneurial toolkit, So what? who cares? why you? used by inventors to turn their novel science and tech ideas into start-up success.

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