Case In Point Examples —  As we celebrate the release of the second edition of the methodology, it’s useful to highlight what’s new and different in this edition. In this post, we focus in on the “Case in Point” examples.

New-cover-collageA-800-300x206Case in Point examples are found throughout every chapter of the book – they give users a hands-on, real world illustration of how each tool in the So what? who cares? why you? methodology is applied. They are one-page in length and include the visual tool as well as a short-write-up to set the context.

New-cover-collageE-1600-300x206There is a rich selection of science and technology Case in Point examples showcasing the power of each tool in the methodology. Every chapter showcases two or three different science and/or technology ideas. You’ll find Case in Point examples for ideas including:

  • Wound Closure
  • Energy Storage
  • Cloud Computing
  • Fiber Optic Gyroscopes
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Driverless Cars
  • Batteries…..and more.

You can view the book here to take a closer look.