Clinics on Wheels –

Meet my friend and serial entrepreneur Tony Cowan.  Tony has a long and dedicated career helping to provide recovery and assistance to many of the nation’s and the world’s disasters. The latest vaccine distribution challenge is just one in a long line of problems he’s taken on to solve over his decades long career.

I’ve been talking across the WKI community circles about the importance of redesigning your business to reflect the current conditions.  Tony’s latest initiative, Clinics on Wheels, is a perfect case study in anticipating, adapting and redesigning your core competencies to solve the burning problems of today.  What is more important than vaccine distribution?

Tony and his ecosystem partners are adapting their mobile recovery clinics to address the need for vaccine distribution in the most challenging of locations.  Watch the video here:  

Congrats Tony, on not only adapting and redesigning, but solving problems that can truly make a lasting impact on our world.