Thank you to USF Connect for hosting our Virtual Fireside Chat yesterday.  We had an energetic, founder focused discussion around Building a Winning Startup.  We covered a wide range of topics thanks to the questions posed by the attendees:

  • building a startup from the napkin stage,
  • what to focus on in the early days,
  • getting investor ready,
  • advice to scale your company,
  • investment strategies and equity distribution,
  • tapping into SBIR as a form of non-dilutive capital,
  • pitch advice and much more.

You can listen to the 45 minute conversation here.

A special thank you to Darlene Boudreaux of DarleneBDX, Scott Koorndyk of TEC Dayton, and John Hanak of Purdue Ventures for joining me to share their expertise and advice.  Special thanks to Shannon Pastizzo and the team at USF Connect for organizing this event.