I think we can all agree that helping people develop an entrepreneurial mindset can have its challenges. After all, you’re trying to change attitudes and behaviours – and most of us are creatures of habit and change doesn’t come easy. Leadership, room to operate outside the box and innovative thinking play a critical role in shifting mindsets. And when your audience is a room full of teenagers, you have your work cut out for you!

That’s the landscape for Lisa Evans, Founder & Director of the eAcademy at LindenPointe in Hermitage, Pennsylvania. Lisa is one of those inspirational leaders who has a unique approach and program to help high school seniors become more entrepreneurial. Her goal is simple but profound – to help prepare them for the world after high school as confident, creative, and thoughtful participants – maybe as a start-up founder, but equally valuable, as a contributing member of the community.

Listen as Lisa shares her engaging story and her advice to inspire entrepreneurial youth.

Start: How the program began…

10:00 – The Program Roots

  • The Program Mechanics
  • Overview, timing, activities, etc.

15:25 – Goals of the Program

  • Teaching students to make good choices
  • Connecting them to the community

17:10 – Collaborating to Create the Curriculum

  • 10 hours per week x 37 weeks = 370 Hours – Yikes!
  • A Typical Day
  • Getting Comfortable being Uncomfortable

23:30 – Catching the Entrepreneurial Bug

  • Startup Success Stories

30:00 – Challenges in the Beginning

  • Recruitment, Perception, etc.

32:50 – Lessons Learned

40:25 – The Impact

46:00 – What’s Next?

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