#4: Building a Vibrant Entrepreneurial Hub – In Conversation with TEC Dayton CEO, Scott Koorndyk

#4: Building a Vibrant Entrepreneurial Hub – In Conversation with TEC Dayton CEO, Scott Koorndyk

Innovation and entrepreneurial development are alive and well in the Midwest.  Nowhere is this more true than in Dayton, Ohio.  I recently had the pleasure to sit down with Scott Koorndyk, President of TEC Dayton.  For the past four years, Scott has been leading his team and the community to build a vibrant entrepreneurial hub in the heart of Dayton.  Listen as Scott details his vision for this community including their innovative partnership with the Air Force Research Labs (AFRL), 444 – AFRL’s newest creative space, their track record of SBIR success, and their efforts to build an entrepreneurial vocabulary among scientists and engineers.

You’ll also hear about the Arcade Project to redevelop an iconic space in the heart of Dayton to act as the hub of entrepreneurial development.

You can pick up on these topics at these points in the conversation:

Start:  How Scott got started…biochem, VC, and more….

3:45 – The early days at TEC Dayton

12:25 – The Collaboration with the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL)

30:00 – Helping companies achieve SBIR Success

35:30 – The Arcade Project – Catalyzing a Community

49:00 – You Can Do This Too – Lessons to Share

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