WKI Ideation Program

Welcome to the WKI Ideation Program! The place where innovators come to design their ideas into value propositions. WKI Ideation is an engaging, hands-on process, with innovators at the center of the experience.

This is where innovators prepare their ideas for grant funding proposals, master the fundamentals for their ideas as businesses, and develop the foundations to be investor ready.

As a WKI Certified Coach, you will guide innovators through the WKI Ideation Program on their way to success.

What is the WKI Ideation Program?

WKI Ideation is about founders helping founders.

Small group ideation sessions with founders at whiteboards, pitching and catching with one another as they design the business value for their ideas.

WKI Ideation is an inspiring, engaging experience for innovators to explore the potential for their ideas. It’s a roll up your sleeves process with innovators at the center of the experience, working to explore, model and map out business value options for their idea.

Innovators, lead by a WKI Certified Coach, attend weekly meetups to ideate and design the business value for their ideas. These sessions are dynamic, engaging conversations centered on a specific visual framework in the WKI ideation methodology.

What makes WKI Ideation Different?

WKI Ideation moves beyond brainstorming using WKI’s proprietary visual design frameworks that focus the innovator’s thinking on specific topics to develop the business proposition. Working alongside other innovators in small group sessions, innovators draw, sketch, and map their ideas into the WKI frameworks, while also mastering business fundamentals to communicate the commercial opportunity for their ideas.

The WKI Ideation Space

The WKI Ideation space sets the stage for success. Large format dry erase wall posters of the WKI methodology line the walls of the room. The WKI Ideation room creates a casual, yet energizing space for exploration, encouraging a ”standing room always” style.

Innovators can be seen working together serving as sounding boards and advisors to one another, as they model a WKI framework. There’s also plenty of time for pitch and catch sessions, where innovators practice presenting their value propositions to other innovators.

The WKI Ideation space is buzzing with energy and ideas, as the WKI Certified Coach guides and supports innovators to design their value propositions.

Ready to Get Started?

The Entrepreneur’s Center (EC) has used the WKI methodology to help hundreds of entrepreneurs and small businesses ideate on the business value of their technologies, while pushing them to think entrepreneurially.  The process is perfect for the researchers and SBIR-program focused entrepreneurs we work with.”

— Lauren Tiffan, Director of Strategic Programs, The Entrepreneur's Center