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We believe the ideal setting for entrepreneurial thinking and doing is in small and intimate group settings, where people can engage in conversations and collaboratively learning. You’ll enjoy best practice entrepreneurial training in WKI’s entrepreneurial ideation program.

What can you expect at our training?

You can expect lots of drawing, discussion and discovery working at the whiteboards. It’s designed to be hands-on and experiential, with you at the center of the experience. You’ll work with Wendy Kennedy, the founder of WKI, to understand each tool in the WKI methodology. You’ll walk away with deep understanding of how to use WKI’s entrepreneurial ideation program with your entrepreneurs. Even better, you’ll join a community of entrepreneurial coaches willing to help you launch your own high impact ideation programs.

What’s included?

12 hours of training, 4 hours, for three consecutive days. You will receive a full set of resource materials and coaching aids to advise and guide innovators. An online resource library exclusively for WKI Coaches provides value added templates and resources.

2024 WKI Certification Dates

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We are fortunate to have the So What? Who Cares? Why You? curriculum to help us better educate and prepare our principle investigators for early discussions on the business aspects of their IP. This platform is incredibly effective with engineers, doctors and scientists, giving them frameworks to consider things like: the best problems to solve, markets to pursue and competitive edge to exploit.. With 154,000 square feet of business incubator space, the WKI method is instrumental in helping us to build, grow and support entrepreneurship here in Gainesville. “

— Mark Long, M.S. (retired)- Director, UF Innovate | Incubation Services - University of Florida