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So what? who cares? why you?®

Turn Your Ideas into Opportunities

Upcoming WKI Certification Sessions:
October 19-20th
Ottawa, Canada
November 16-17th
St. Petes, Florida
December 6-7th
Boston, Massachusetts
Using our methodology, organizations world-wide are increasing their success rate for ideation, incubation and commercialization.
Purdue FoundryESACommunity Health NetworkTEC Dayton – SBIR-TAP and StartupTAPMTEC Smart ZoneTech FW
The So what? who cares? why you?™ methodology is a "triple-play" – it teaches entrepreneurs, assists entrepreneurs, and encourages entrepreneurs! Using it, we've been able to accelerate the development of our companies and equip them with the entrepreneurial skills to be successful."

— Mark Long - Director, Sid Martin Biosciences Institute - University of Florida

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