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Program Details

The self paced training option provides a flexible option for you to be certified in the WKI So what? who cares? why you?® methodology at a schedule and location convenient to you. Participants can enroll at any time, with the goal to complete the program within 90 days. The program offers a blend of self-paced learning modules in an online environment with live, online coaching meetings and discussion with Wendy Kennedy, founder of WKI.

Program Materials:

A comprehensive set of program materials are provided to each participant and can be seen here ».

Program Elements:

There are three main program elements:

  1. Tool Training & Talk –  The program begins with training using the So what? who cares? why you? online toolkit consisting of 9 online, self-paced tutorial modules. Combined with this are live “Tool Talk” Sessions – live discussions with Wendy and other participants to present, dialogue, and discuss specific tools and learn the “coach approach” to using the tools.
  2. Online Courses – Three 75-minute webinars, pre-recorded for ease of learning key principles.
  3. 1:1 With WendyIntegrative Sessions – live 75-minute working sessions to demonstrate your knowledge of the WKI program and your own coaching expertise.

1.  Tool Training & Talk:

Participants work through the nine modules in the online certification toolkit, each devoted to a specific area of the So what? who cares? why you? methodology. Participants complete each module, drafting each tool using a science or technology idea they’ve selected to use for the training.

As tool drafts are completed, participants participate in the interactive “tool talk” sessions with Wendy and other participants to present their tool drafts and share their knowledge and coaching approach to using each tool. These interactive sessions bring the tools to life and allow everyone to share insights and develop their knowledge.

2.  Online Courses:

Three, 75 minute pre-recorded webinar classes provide a foundation in the WKI program execution: These classes can be completed at any time during the program, but ideally should be completed after the tool training.

  1. Developing a Coach Approach
  2. The WKI Pre-incubation Program
  3. Marketing Your Program

The knowledge and skills acquired in these courses provide practical advice and insights to bring to the 1:1 with Wendy integrative sessions.

3.  1:1 with Wendy Integrative Sessions

Three live meeting sessions with Wendy take place using the WebEx online collaboration system. The goal for these 1:1 meetings is to allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and capabilities to use the So what? who cares? why you?® methodology and the entrepreneurial ideation program in a coaching environment. Participants prepare and present three topics to complete the requirements for certification.

The topics for the 1:1 sessions are as follows:

  • Session 1: Presentation of the So what? who cares? why you toolkit.  In this session, you pitch the tools back to Wendy showing your knowledge of the tools and your coaching tips/techniques.  You are required to present each tool using the example you used in your tool training exercise.
  • Session 2: Launching the WKI Pre-incubation Program: in this meeting, you draw from the online courses to present your plan to launch your pre-incubation program, including a presentation of your coaching room, dry erase boards mounted on walls, etc.  This session should also devote time to discussing your target clients, coaching style, and program marketing.
  • Session 3: In this session, you and Wendy review a video of your first pre-incubation coaching session with clients. Wendy will provide coaching advice and guidance to ensure your success as a WKI Certified Coach.

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