Biography – John M. Hanak

John M. Hanak works with WKI ( Inc.) where he and Wendy Kennedy help organizations build an entrepreneurial mindset and prepare innovators to turn ideas into reality.

John is also currently the managing director of Purdue Ventures, having shifted his role at Purdue in early 2020, creating the opportunity to partner with WKI ( Inc.)

John was one of the co-founders of the Purdue Foundry, the entrepreneurial hub serving the Purdue University community.  Previously, he served as Statewide Director of Purdue’s network of technology incubators across the state of Indiana.  At the Purdue Research Foundation since 2005, John comes from a rich background of experiences in large companies, startups, and investing activities. He holds BS and JD degrees. He has served, and continues to serve, on a number of corporate and volunteer boards and is a former chair of the board of directors of the International Business Innovation Association and former president of the Venture Club of Indiana.

As managing director of Purdue Ventures, he is the fund manager for four seed funds and also manages the Purdue Research Foundation’s portfolio of startup investments, all with a total of approximately $40M in asset value.  He remains active with the Purdue Foundry, the startup hub that is currently spinning out an average of 40 companies each year.

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